Directed Life by Kap Chatfield

A WILD Journey from Islam to Jesus with Yahya Bakkar

Dive into an incredible journey of faith, transformation, and discovery in our latest episode!

From the heart of Mecca to the embrace of Jesus, Yaya Bakkar's story is nothing short of miraculous.
Hear how he navigated the challenges of love, identity, and faith, and found his true calling.
Whether you're seeking your purpose or just love a good redemption story, this episode is for YOU!
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Main Takeaways:
💎 “Did God tell him to drop out? I 26:12:04 - 27:05:04
💎“God will use anyone and anything for His glory” I 32:19:09 - 33:11:04
💎 “In need of clarity?” I I 38:11:02 - 39:36:06
💎 “PBD told him about Jesus?!” I 01:20:54:09 - 01:21:30:01