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The power of video testimony - with Eric Villatoro

Do you believe in the power of your testimony? In this episode, we sit down with Eric Villatoro, the founder of Delafé Testimonies, to explore the transformative impact of sharing your story. As Eric shares in this episode, your testimony is a key weapon in the battle against the devil. Through a deep dive into Revelation 12:17, Eric reveals the formula for defeating the enemy and why he is so intent on silencing your testimony.

Eric also offers hope and encouragement, reminding us that our testimonies have the power to inspire and uplift others. As he says, "Your testimony of Jesus is extremely important, and I want to encourage you to take the time to sit with the Lord and allow Him to show you what He has done." Throughout this episode, Eric shares personal stories and insights that will leave you feeling inspired, hopeful, and empowered to share your own testimony. And as he recounts his prayer for wisdom, as described in 1 Kings 3:7, you'll be reminded of the power of faith and the importance of seeking God's guidance in all that we do. So if you're ready to tap into the power of your testimony and join the fight against the devil, be sure to watch this uplifting and empowering episode. Subscribe today and join the conversation!

00:00 📹 Delefe testimonies aims to create the world's largest archive of Jesus testimonies by capturing and sharing them from people all over the world.

  • Eric Viatoro, founder of de la Fe testimonies, discusses his organization's mission to share a million testimonies for Jesus on the internet.
  • Delefe testimonies aims to create the world's largest archive of Jesus testimonies by capturing and sharing them from people all over the world.
  • The speaker discusses his non-filmmaking background and the inception of his project, which features bingeable, well-edited long-form testimonies.
  • After surrendering his life to Jesus, the speaker developed a desire to explore film and was taught by God to use Christian artistry to share testimonies.

04:35 🙏 Surrendering to God led to healing, understanding the gospel, and creating Delafé Testimonies, a YouTube channel sharing spiritual stories with millions.

  • In 2019, the speaker surrendered to God and began their love story with Him, breaking free from a life of sexual brokenness and addiction.
  • Encountering God personally led to the healing of internal trauma and breaking off of addictions within the first six months of surrendering.
  • After giving his life to Jesus, the speaker struggled to understand the gospel for almost a year until the pandemic led him to seek answers and gain a deeper understanding, leading to a newfound level of freedom and desire to share his testimony.
  • Sharing personal testimony and learning about the power of testimony biblically led to the creation of Delafé Testimonies, which has now reached millions through consistent obedience.
  • The YouTube channel has consistently released one testimony every week, with a goal to share spiritual stories.
  • This lecture is about the transformation and freedom of a kingdom creative entrepreneur or content creator, and how to achieve discipline and consistency in output.

13:30 🙏 After struggling with consistency, the speaker found their calling through obedience to God; Solomon gains wisdom from God; the importance of following God's commandments; a spiritual encounter on Instagram; experiencing God's protection; witnessing the Holy Spirit move after surrendering to God's will.

  • Before walking with God, the speaker struggled with consistency and quitting, but now with discernment and obedience, he has found his calling and is fueled by God.
  • Solomon asks God for wisdom to govern his people well and God grants him wisdom, riches, and fame.
  • The speaker praises the young person for their aggressive step forward in serving God without waiting for permission or formal training, emphasizing the importance of following God's commandments.
  • The speaker had a spiritual encounter when he saw his ex-girlfriend with another man on Instagram, which made him realize that God was real.
  • The speaker experienced God's hand wrapping around their heart, protecting them from negative emotions represented by arrows, which aligns with the concept of the shield of faith in Ephesians.
  • Encountering God led to full surrender and within a month of praying for a church, an invitation to a youth group resulted in witnessing the Holy Spirit move and receiving a word of knowledge.

24:33 🙏 Submitting to God and leadership is crucial for spiritual growth and success in organizations, and Reveal Media can help with content creation.

  • The speaker became involved in his church and various groups, surrendering his life and obeying God's leading, resulting in spiritual growth and development.
  • Submitting to God and leadership, being teachable and correctable, and creating content is important for businesses, non-profits, and churches, and Reveal Media can help make content creation easy and remarkable.
  • Submission to authority, particularly spiritual authority, is crucial for young believers and creatives to learn humility and avoid burning out quickly.
  • Understanding the gospel and having personal encounters with God makes submitting to leadership easy and beneficial.
  • The speaker discusses the importance of having a board of directors and being submitted to authority in practical measures for the success of an organization.
  • The speaker discusses the importance of having a practical system and structure in life, and emphasizes the value of following scripture to allow the Holy Spirit to direct one's life.

35:13 🙌 God gave special skills to craftsmen to make everything he commanded Moses to make, showing that anyone can be given the necessary skills.

  • Bezalel, from the tribe of Judah, was chosen by God and given great wisdom and expertise in all kinds of crafts, including working with gold, silver, bronze, engraving, gemstones, and carving wood, and was appointed Ohio lab of ahisa from the tribe of Dan as his assistant.
  • God gave special skills to craftsmen to make everything he commanded Moses to make, showing that he can put his spirit in anyone to give them the necessary skills.
  • The speaker recorded testimonies and asked for an administrator to help plan a tour, which led to the idea of opening up submissions for testimonies after going viral.
  • They created a Google form to receive submissions for their content and waited for eight months to develop the skills and strategy to handle them.
  • Established a submission committee to review and vote on testimonies, with a process that includes director calls and release forms to ensure accuracy and protection.
  • To participate in the organization, individuals must sign a release form, and those who refuse are considered a threat to the organization.

42:24 🙏 The director calls allow the team to process testimonies with the Holy Spirit, creating clarity and protection before sharing on a big platform.

  • The director calls are where the team works with individuals to process their testimony and bring in the Holy Spirit, creating a space for clarity and protection before sharing on a big platform.
  • The goal is to fly out to different parts of the country to record as the team is filled with the spirit of God and ready to do what they've been called to do.
  • Having a team filled with the Holy Spirit is important for building a structured and orderly organization, regardless of the context.
  • Building a culture around being a team submitted to the voice of the Holy Spirit is important, but it's also crucial to understand the practicality of being directed by the Holy Spirit in order to create patterns for others to follow.
  • God has given a spirit-led system that allows for an ordered and sustainable approach to business.
  • Living a Spirit-filled life involves creating a system that is conducive for growth and fulfilling one's mission.

48:51 🙏 God loves numbers and testimony has the power to impact people, so take things one step at a time and share your testimony to see breakthroughs in your life and others.

  • The speaker admires the person's fear and reverence for God and their ability to maintain a steady pace in life.
  • God loves numbers and has a book called Numbers, and while it may seem impossible to reach a goal of a million testimonies for Jesus in one's lifetime, with God's exponential curve, anything can happen.
  • The speaker encourages the team to take things one step at a time and praises their work in creating content that gives people hope and uplifts them.
  • Testimony has the power to impact people and open doors of relationship and transparency, and Revelations 12:11 emphasizes the importance of sharing one's testimony.
  • The devil wants to destroy individuals because he knows that the way he will be defeated is through the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, which he can take away through physical or spiritual death.
  • Testimony is important and part of the formula of defeating the devil, so spend time with it, build a timeline, welcome the Holy Spirit into it, and share it to see breakthroughs in your life and others.