Directed Life by Kap Chatfield

How to Find Your God-Given Purpose

Dive deep with Kap Chatfield, Founder and CEO of Rveal Media, as he unravels the secrets to discovering your God-given purpose in our latest episode: "How to Find Your God-Given Purpose"
. From the tales of biblical legends like Joseph and Esther to the foundational pillars of Christian life, Kap offers a transformative framework to help you embrace God's unique script for you. Ever felt the weight of the world's expectations? Kap emphasizes the need to break free from worldly "scripts" and tune into the divine narrative God has penned for you.
From worship to relationships, and from dominion to multiplication, embark on a spiritual journey to understand the core tenets of Christian life and how they shape your purpose.
Whether you're seeking direction, yearning for a deeper connection with God, or simply curious about the intersections of faith and purpose, this episode is a must-listen!
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Main Takeaways:
💎 02:36:67 - 03:20:77 “That's the wrong script”
💎03:45:67 - 04:44:17 “You are God's Oscar-winning masterpiece”
💎12:16:47 - 13:25:78 “You’re gonna worship something anyway”
💎18:15:05 - 18:46:07 “ Did you know that?”