Directed Life by Kap Chatfield

Uncover 18 Incredible Tools You Need to Win the Spiritual War | Kap Chatfield

In the latest episode of Directed Life, Kap Chatfield dives deep into the topic of "Tools of Spiritual Warfare!" This episode is a must-watch for every believer seeking to stand strong in their faith and overcome the enemy's tactics.

Kap shares powerful insights on how to silence the voice of the accuser, steward your story to overcome the enemy, step into the revelation of your God-given identity, and embrace the power of praying in tongues.
From personal experiences to biblical principles, Kap equips you with the spiritual tools you need to wage and win the war against the enemy.
Whether you're facing a spiritual battle or seeking to deepen your understanding of spiritual warfare, this episode is a valuable resource.
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Main Takeaways:
💎12:49-13:49 “Overcoming the Voice of the Accuser”
💎16:33-17:38 “Overcome the Enemy by Stewarding Your Story”
💎29:17-30:16 “Ways To Step Into Revelation of Your God-Given Identity”
💎36:11-37:08 “Slaying the “Taboo” Subject of Praying In Tongues”