Directed Life by Kap Chatfield

God Of Breakthrough In Business And Marketplace with Ray Higdon

In this eye-opening episode, we delve deep into the profound connections between our earthly fathers and our perception of God.

Ever wondered how Jesus seamlessly merged the sacred with the secular, bringing life-changing miracles straight to the marketplace? Join us as we explore the noble path of entrepreneurship as a divine calling for Kingdom impact.

But it's not all smooth sailing. We tackle the challenging topic of our hearts becoming entangled with money, risking our connection with God. And in a world where we often seek identity in fleeting things, we journey together to find our true identity in Him.

Discover stories of transformation, where past pains and struggles aren't just memories; they're tools God uses to shape brighter futures. Imagine a world where the Kingdom of Heaven influences every industry and how you can be a part of this heavenly vision.

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