Directed Life by Kap Chatfield

How This Former UFC Fighter Became A Demon Slayer - with Cung Le

Former UFC fighter and exorcist Cung Le shares his powerful testimony on the latest episode of the "Directed Life" podcast. In this episode, Cung talks about how his career in martial arts led him to confront the reality of spiritual warfare and the supernatural realm, and how God called him to become a "demon slayer" for Christ. Cung shares insights on the importance of faith, spiritual armor, and exercising authority over demonic attacks, as well as his journey of faith and surrender to God's direction in his life.

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Main Takeaways:
💎 04:29-05:29 “How Le First Answered the Call to Becoming A Demon Slayer”
💎 07:01-07:54 “How Demons Gain Access to People”
💎 14:07-15:09 “How God Blessed Cung’s Sacrifice to Pursue Righteousness”
💎 19:50-20:46 “Using Faith As A Guide on the Path of Setting Captives Free”