Directed Life by Kap Chatfield

How embracing systems and a call to shepherding will change your business - with Turner Schenzel

Are you a Kingdom entrepreneur looking to build a thriving business that reflects your values? Join us for this week's episode of Directed Life, where host Kap Chatfield sits down with Turner Schenzel, founder of a successful home repair company.

In this episode, Turner shares his unique perspective on building a business culture that truly cares, balancing faith and finances in business, and the importance of working "on" the business instead of "in" it. You'll learn about the power of coaching, pouring into people, and loving on your team, as well as practical tips for profitability and sustainability. Plus, discover why Turner believes that owners without a super heavy construction background often have the edge. Don't miss this insightful conversation - click play to watch the full episode now! #DirectedLife #KingdomEntrepreneur #BusinessSuccess #CompanyCulture #FaithAndFinances #WorkOnTheBusiness

00:00 👨‍💼 Ace Hardware acquires Handyman Matters and turns it into Ace Handyman Services, which hires craftsmen as employees to fulfill small to medium-sized repair projects in customers' homes, while the owner of Ace Handyman Services discusses the importance of systems and stewarding someone else's vision as an entrepreneur.

  • Turner Schenzel, owner of Ace Handyman Services and Waves Apparel, discusses the importance of systems and stewarding someone else's vision as an entrepreneur.
  • Ace Hardware acquired handyman franchise Handyman Matters and turned it into Ace Handyman Services, which hires craftsmen as employees to fulfill small to medium-sized repair projects in customers' homes.
  • The speaker admits to having no handyman skills or exposure growing up, but has recently been using YouTube to learn and discover their inner handyman while running Ace handyman services.
  • One speaker has a background in filmmaking and built a digital media agency around his skill set, while the other speaker worked in customer service for a construction software company and gained insight into the business side of construction, leading to his entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • The speaker connected with the founder of Handyman Matters and felt that the Lord was opening the door for them to potentially look into the company.
  • Owners without heavy construction backgrounds tend to do better as they are forced to work on the business rather than getting sucked into working in the business, which is the kind of leadership and coaching position the speaker was looking for.

06:22 💼 To build a successful business, focus on company culture, systems, managing people, coaching, marketing, and networking, rather than just delivering the product or service.

  • Creating a successful business requires focusing on building a company culture and working on the business rather than in the business, even if it means not having extensive knowledge about the industry.
  • To run a successful business, it's important to focus on systems, managing people, coaching, marketing, and networking, rather than just delivering the product or service.
  • Franchise owners are given a playbook filled with processes and procedures to run their business.
  • The company has a service path that includes initial call, scheduling, handoff, on-site, warranty, and customer follow-up.

10:21 🚀 Implementing the EOS system has helped the business focus on internal operations and ensure business traction.

  • Implementing the traction or EOS system has been extremely helpful for the business.
  • Franchising has allowed the speaker to focus on caring for people rather than spending time on developing processes and products, and implementing EOS has been helpful in going into greater depth with company operations.
  • The EOS framework focuses on internal operations and includes a meeting structure called the L10 meeting to ensure business traction and direction.
  • Franchising is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to own something and contribute vision, as it allows them to take a pre-existing vision and make it their own, while also allowing them to focus on leading their team and creating a company culture that represents the heart of the Kingdom.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of relying on God during difficult times and not seeking fulfillment in material things or relationships.
  • Dependent on God for guidance and provision in running a business and caring for employees.

16:00 💼 Ace, formerly known as Handyman Matters, doubled their revenue in 2021 despite COVID-19 challenges.

  • Launched as Handyman Matters in November 2019, rebranded to Ace in March 2020, faced challenges during COVID-19 but still managed to double revenue in 2021.
  • Being rooted in the belief that the Lord is her portion has allowed the speaker to handle tough situations with grace, build a strong team culture, and weather the challenges of 2020.
  • Leadership is crucial during times of crisis as people look to the person in charge for guidance and direction.

19:09 🙏 Creating a culture of grace and patience as an ambassador of Christ in the workplace, with one instance of sharing about Him, while also providing support to colleagues during difficult times.

  • Employees may not all be believers, but they likely know where the speaker stands as a believer, as they have made comments and the speaker is not super outspoken about their beliefs.
  • As an ambassador of Christ, creating a culture in the workplace that reflects the values of the Kingdom of Heaven through operating from a place of Grace and patience has been a natural thing for the speaker, with only one instance where they felt the Lord gave them a clear green light to specifically share about Him.
  • The speaker's colleague took time off after her son's unexpected death and was supported by the team.
  • The speaker shared about losing their parents in a car accident 12 days after their wedding and how the Lord provided comfort, supernatural peace, joy, and restoration in their marriage.
  • The speaker has a close relationship with someone who is older than them, but not old enough to be their mother.

24:09 💼 Entrepreneurship is about creating a profitable business while valuing and treating people well.

  • The speaker had a fulfilling and challenging experience as a business owner, including taking on extra responsibilities when their office manager was out and conducting quarterly reviews with their team.
  • The speaker demoted a lead Craftsman after several meetings due to their inconsistent work performance.
  • Believe in yourself, plan for success, and thrive in your position with love and support from others.
  • Entrepreneurship is about creating a profitable business while also valuing and treating people well.
  • Entrepreneurs have more time to influence and impact the people that work for them, providing an opportunity to love and lead others.

28:35 💼 People in trades need to feel valued and leaders should prioritize honesty and commitment, while focusing on taking care of their business and employees instead of being solely money-driven.

  • People in the trades often feel undervalued and culturally stigmatized, but showing honesty and commitment as a leader can help them feel seen, heard, and valued.
  • The speaker felt affirmed in their faith and business practices after receiving a confirmation from the Lord.
  • Focus on taking care of your business and employees, rather than being solely money-driven, as riches do not last forever.

32:03 👨‍💼 Entrepreneurs can find purpose in leading a company and Ace plans to expand with new Home Service Brands, starting with a painting franchise in three locations.

  • God can give the vision to some people to write it down and to others to run with it.
  • Entrepreneurs don't have to be inventors or build something from scratch, and leading a company can provide meaning and purpose by creating a positive work environment.
  • Ace plans to roll out additional Home Service Brands, starting with a painting franchise in their three locations.
  • The speaker is partnering with an existing painting company to launch Ace Painting franchises in three different territories and is also pursuing a tire franchise with their brother.
  • The speaker wants to provide opportunities and love to those who are not getting it in their industry, while also prioritizing being a husband and father and having the flexibility to pursue new ideas and growth as an entrepreneur.
  • The speaker thanks the audience for listening and asks for a prayer for those in business or entrepreneurship to find sustenance in God and love people freely.