Rveal Media has
partnered with
urev Group® to fulfill
the Great Commission through Marketplace Missions.
Training + Sending + Planting
What is Marketplace Missions?
Marketplace Missions is a concept centered on fulfilling the Great Commission by engaging with the business world and beyond. It integrates faith with work and views business as a platform for serving God, promoting kingdom values, and creating opportunities. Marketplace Missionaries aim to bring healing and make a positive impact on society through their professional endeavors. They use business as a
channel to spread the gospel and further God's kingdom. urev Group® in partnership with Rveal Media embodies this approach in three distinct forms:
Preparation & sending of Marketplace Missionaries.
Investing in projects & church planting.
Trainings &
Rveal Media's Investment
From each sale that Rveal Media generates, a percentage goes back into missions on many different levels worldwide. Every month, we witness countless lives being impacted!
to date has
been invested
into missions.
3 church
initiated worldwide.
28 Marketplace
adopted worldwide.
The paradigm
of missions is changing. Join
the movement.

urev Group® is a network of Kingdom Companies fulfilling the Great Commission through sustainable strategies and solutions.
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