The Great Commission through the Marketplace
We are thrilled to share with you the remarkable work God has been doing in the first quarter across the marketplace, the church, and beyond. It is an immense privilege to collaborate with numerous Kingdom companies and organizations, advancing the Great Commission together.

We firmly believe that, regardless of your location or ministry role, whether in the church or serving God within the marketplace, we all have a responsibility to represent Christ and bring healing to the broken systems in every sphere of society. As ambassadors for Christ, our goal is to reconcile people to God, and this remains unchanged within the Marketplace. Through the lives of Marketplace missionaries, individuals are being reached and equipped to fulfill the work Christ has called them to do on this earth (Mt 28:16-20 / 2Co 5:20).
During the first quarter of this year, we were privileged to collaborate with Celeiro Missões in Brazil. In April, Celeiro focused on church reform and planting in the Amazon of Brazil. Now, together with UREV, we are developing new strategies to fund more missionaries, providing job opportunities and training for bi-vocational missionaries. Our focus is to reach families and individuals who have the desire to bring Jesus to every table in society, healing the marketplace and beyond through community and collaboration.
It is awe-inspiring to witness what God has accomplished, and we eagerly anticipate what He has in store for the coming quarters. God is bringing together Marketplace Missionaries and Kingdom Companies to invest more than ever in the Kingdom of God. We firmly believe that there is more to come – more Market Missionaries to be raised up, more spheres to be reached, and more opportunities to represent Christ around the world!
Unveiling the Divine Intent for Work and Business:
A Fresh Perspective on MarketMissions® Philosophy
In the expansive realm of commerce, there exists a profound perspective that can redefine our comprehension of work and business. This perspective is the divine purpose for work and business, deeply embedded in the MarketMissions® philosophy. By delving into this concept, we can discover a new dimension of purpose and significance in our professional lives.
Key Takeaways
As we finish our examination of the divine purpose for work and business through the lens of the MarketMissions® philosophy, let's distill our discussion into three practical takeaways that you can apply in your professional life today.
Infuse Purpose into Your Work
Infuse purpose into your work by recognizing it as more than just a means to an end. View daily tasks as opportunities for personal growth, contributing to a larger purpose. This perspective shift transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, giving your work a sense of purpose and significance.
Align Business with Divine Intent
Align your business with divine intent. Use it to serve communities, create opportunities, and promote marketplace justice, reflecting God's character and advancing His kingdom. This alignment reflects God's character and advances His kingdom through your business.
Integrate Faith and Work
Integrate faith and work seamlessly by using your business as an extension of your beliefs. Align your values and convictions with your professional pursuits, leading to a fulfilling and meaningful life that serves God and humanity. This integration brings fulfillment and meaning, serving both God and humanity in your professional life.
In the grand scheme of things, the divine purpose for work and business is about more than just profit and loss. It's about positively impacting the world, serving others, and fulfilling our divine vocation. By applying these takeaways, you can start transforming your professional life today, creating a transparent integration of faith and work.
We are a group of Kingdom companies fulfilling the Great Commission through sustainable strategies and solutions.
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