The Proud Skilled Worker by Skillwork

Be Humble, Be Confident and Be Safe - with Phillip Johnson

Unveiling the Trades Odyssey with Phillip! Buckle up for the thrilling ride through the trades with Phillip Johnson!

Here's a social media snapshot capturing the essence of our Proud Skill Worker episode: - Sweat, Grit, and Trades! Michael Peatrowsky kicks off with a nod to the sacrifices—whether it's interrupting gym time or stealing precious sleep.
Phillip, the unsung hero, steps into the spotlight. - From Texas Heat to Milwaukee Chill! Laugh with us as Phillip shares his journey from the sizzling heat of Texas to the chilly embrace of Milwaukee. Michael assures us, "Both those places are great!"—a climate rollercoaster! - Humility, Teamwork, and Trades Magic! Phillip drops gems on teamwork and humility.
Be a helper, stay positive, and find the sweet spot between camaraderie and demoralizing banter—a formula for trades success. - Safety is the North Star! Phillip stresses the importance of a safety mindset and the power of teamwork. Stay positive, understand your team, and navigate the industrial world with confidence and caution. Ready for the full experience? Dive into the SkillWork podcast for the complete journey. Like, share, and join the trades talk revolution! #TradesTalk #SkillsOnDisplay #CraftingSuccess