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Re-set 2024 Part I - Setting Meaningful and Measurable Goals for Yourself

In this insightful episode, Tim Raglin, COO of Skillwork, and Brett Elliott, President & CEO of Skillwork, delve into the crucial topic of personal goal setting.

They discuss the importance of intentional thinking, sharing personal experiences and practical strategies to set and achieve meaningful goals.
The conversation covers the significance of accountability, the power of writing down goals, and the necessity of measuring progress. Tim and Brett emphasize the value of alignment between personal and organizational goals and share their personal practices, including the use of tools like the Full Focus Planner.
The episode concludes with a meaningful discussion on choosing a guiding word for the year, with Brett focusing on "truth" and Tim on "candor." Listeners gain valuable insights into creating a purposeful and achievable roadmap for personal growth and success. Stay tuned for the next episode, where Tim and Brett will explore organizational goal-setting practices.

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