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The State of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Manufacturing - Part 2

In this episode, we dive deeper into the world of smart manufacturing and explore the benefits, drawbacks, and ROI of implementing this technology in manufacturing.

From data overload causing technology paralysis to the importance of business process improvements, we cover it all. Watch the full episode on YouTube to learn more about the benefits, drawbacks, and ROI of smart manufacturing in the industry. Don't miss out on valuable insights from industry leaders! #smartmanufacturing #4thindustrialrevolution #watchnow #manufacturingtechnology #businessprocessimprovements #datamanagement #ROIsuccess

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Main Takeaways :
03:06-03:59 “Data Overload Can Cause “Technology Paralysis”

04:48-05:35 “Smart Manufacturing Is Meant to Improve Business Processes”

06:40-07:39 “Implementing Smart Manufacturing? Here’s Your First Step!”

07:49-8:48 “Utilizing Smart Technology–What’s the ROI?”

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