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The Multifaceted World of Manufacturing Excellence - with Mike Johnson - Part 1

In this episode of the Skillwork Forum, hosts Tim Raglin and Brett Elliott are joined by special guest Mike Johnson, the COO and Executive Vice President for Manufacturing for the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce . The trio dives deep into the skilled trades industry, shining a spotlight on manufacturing .
Mike Johnson offers a glimpse into the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce's rich history, which traces its roots back to the Manufacturing Association over a years ago. He underscores the Chamber's unwavering dedication to fostering a business-friendly environment in Nebraska and sheds light on their relentless lobbying for pro-business legislation .
The conversation takes a critical turn as they address the pressing workforce challenges plaguing manufacturers . Johnson highlights a concerning trend: the push for students to enroll in four-year colleges , only for a significant chunk to drop out, resulting in a glaring gap in the skilled trades workforce
Main Takeaways:
💎11:13:05 - 12:17:05 - ”Reviving the Cool in Modern Skilled Trades”
💎12:50:87 - 13:44:79 - ”Redefining Value in Working Hard and Hands-On Skills”
💎16:38:31 - 17:25:20 - ”Shifting Wrong Perspectives on the True Value of Skilled Trades”
💎19:04:05 - 20:15:79 - ”Rethinking College Culture and the True Cost of Education”

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