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The Economic Landscape and Emerging Trends

In this episode, Tim and Brett delve deep into the evolving economic trends post-pandemic. From the significant rise of onshore manufacturing to the tightening labor market, they shed light on the challenges and opportunities businesses face today.

Brett highlights the undeniable demand for flexibility in the workforce, emphasizing the need for improved wages and benefits. As consumer spending shifts away from durable goods, the duo discusses the resurgence of the service sector, especially travel and entertainment. Join us as we explore these pivotal changes and their impact on the future of manufacturing and the broader economy.

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Main Takeaways:
💎 2:02:46 - 2:50:41 ”The Rise of Onshore Manufacturing and the Tightening Labor Market
💎 05:52:09 - 6:34:75 ”Redefining Flexibility: The Future of Wages, Benefits, and Work Arrangements in Industrial Manufacturing
💎 20:03:60 - 20:58:22 ”The Post-Pandemic Shift in Consumer Spending and Its Impact on Manufacturing
💎25:04:52 - 25:56:92 ”The Resurgence of Travel and Entertainment in a Post-Pandemic World

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