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Navigating the New Normal In The Trade World with Mike Matlock

In this enlightening episode titled "Navigating the New Normal In The Trade World" , join Brett Elliott, President & CEO of Skillwork, and Mike Matlock, VP of Sales, as they delve deep into the challenges and opportunities of the modern trade landscape.

From the global talent search to the optimistic outlook of modern manufacturing , our experts shed light on the pressing issues and the potential solutions. Brett emphasizes, "We do travel staffing for skilled trades. And we recognize that one of the biggest issues is finding the talent they need." Mike adds, "Every single thing you own came in pieces. Manufacturers continue to grow despite challenges." Whether you're in the trade industry or just curious about its intricacies, this episode offers valuable insights into the future blend of local and contract talent, the shift from pensions to upskilling, and much more. Don't miss out on these expert takes on the evolving world of trade!

Dive deeper into the world of trade with our experts!
Main Takeaways:
💎 3:46:09 - 4:36:32 ”Unraveling the Global Talent Search in Modern Trade”
💎5:35:54 - 6:29:49 ”The Optimistic Outlook of Modern Manufacturing”
💎 11:24:13 - 12:20:21 ”Redefining Workforce: The Shift from Pensions to Upskilling
💎13:15:82 - 15:04:32 ”The Future Blend of Local and Contract Talent”

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