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What are you measuring, and why does it matter

In this episode, Brett Elliot (CEO of Skillwork) and Tim Raglin (COO of Skillwork) discuss the critical metrics that manufacturing companies should measure to achieve success. They highlight three broad categories of measurement: People, Performance, and Profit.

Brett and Tim emphasize the crucial role of people in a manufacturing company and why it's essential to prioritize their well-being and upskilling. They also discuss the importance of tracking performance metrics such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Production Downtime, and Throughput, and how they impact a company's bottom line. Lastly, they touch on the traditional financial metrics that companies should measure to gauge their profitability.

If you're a manufacturing company looking to improve your business operations and achieve success, this episode is a must-watch.

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Main Takeaways:
|🔹 3:39-4:38 - Safe Working Environments Communicate Care For Employees

| 🔹 07:01-07:55 - Company Reputation Will Impact Turnover and Retention Rates

|🔹 17:07-18:05 - Unscheduled Downtime Indicates a Need For Preventive Maintenance

| 🔹 29:36-30:35 - Instead of Measuring Everything, Measure The RIGHT Things!

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