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What Companies NEED To Understand About Gen Z To Be Successful with Steven Robertson

There’s a new chief dominating the workplace demographics, and this new chief goes by the name “Gen Z”!

In case you haven’t noticed, this new worker generation is just built differently.

What that means for the workforce is that we, as leaders, can no longer do things in the ways they have always been done. So what do we do?

This week on “TSWF”, hosts Tim and Brett have the honor of welcoming author and Gen Z expert, Steven Robertson, onto the show. Together they discuss what makes this generation so unique, and the mindset changes that must happen if companies want to thrive and survive in this new era of business and marketplace shifts.

From valuable information about the mindset of this new generation to the necessity of changing leadership styles to accommodate them, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!
Main Takeaways:
| Gen Z is not like previous generations—they march to the beat of their own drums!
| Gen Z controls the marketplace—they determine what customers buy and what is valued.
| Leaders must understand that Gen Z wants to be built, not just be paid.
| Gen Z has the numbers—and the influence—to sway the marketplace.

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