The Proud Skilled Worker by Skillwork

2023 and the Future of Maintenance Education with Jeremy Critchlow

If you’ve been a skilled tradesmen for any length of time, you’ll know that learning new skills is a life-long trick of the trades. At Skillwork, we believe that there’s no end to the benefits of having one more tool in your tool belt. Which is exactly like we hire guys like Jeremy Critchlow!

In this episode of “The Proud Skilled Worker”, host Michael Peatrowsky sits down with Jeremy. Together they discuss the importance of being intentional about learning all the knowledge you possibly can, and where the future of maintenance education is headed. If you’re a skilled tradesman with a hunger for knowledge, check out our latest episode wherever you stream podcasts.
Main Takeaways:
00:00-06:00 | Jeremy’s beginning

06:00-12:00 | Trends in the trades industry in 2023

12:00-18:00 | Proactive maintenance versus reactive maintenance

18:00-24:50 | Jeremy’s advice for the skilled trades industry