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The Future of Connected Manufacturing Part 1

Get ready to dive into the future of skilled labor with our latest episode! We're exploring how the world of connected manufacturing is becoming more technical, smarter, and opening up tremendous opportunities for the next generation.

Our guests, the leaders of Skillwork, share their insights on the challenges and solutions to digital transformation in manufacturing. They discuss the evolution of automation, the importance of creating a digital twin of your facility, and the crucial role of additive manufacturing or 3D printing.
From understanding the blue-collar job of the future to accelerating the process from a thought to a physical thing, this episode is packed with valuable insights.
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Main Takeaways:
💎 02:18-03:13 - Smart Manufacturing: The New Skilled Labor Revolution
💎05:14-05:58 - Tech Innovation: The New Face of Manufacturing
💎08:51-09:47 - 3D Printing: From $100 Parts to $1 Solutions
💎4:17:37-18:33 - Digital Innovation: From Cars to Candy Bars

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