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Recruiting the Trades - Respect is Reciprocal - with Cameron Leith

In this episode, we dive deep into the importance of the trades industry, the power of overcoming past setbacks, the foundational role of integrity at Skillwork, and the significance of leading with respect and intention in the recruitment process. Join us as we uncover these key insights and more!

Skillwork stands as a beacon, emphasizing that while skills can be honed, it's the unwavering trust and integrity that truly form its bedrock. The episode culminates with invaluable insights on leading with genuine respect and intention. Discover the pivotal role that recruiters like Cameron Leith play, not just as job matchmakers but as genuine advocates for their candidates.
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Main Takeaways:
💎 1:54:77 - 2:43:28: “Respect for the trades industry is crucial, recognizing its foundational role in America”
💎 3:08:33 - 4:02:40: “Overcoming past setbacks is crucial to effectively serve others in the future”
💎 5:16:77 - 6:47:77: “Integrity is foundational at Skillwork. Skills can be taught, but trust is essential
💎13:06:77 - 13:50:06: “Lead with respect and intention; the right recruiters will reciprocate and advocate for you”