The Proud Skilled Worker by Skillwork

From Collegiate Athlete to Recruiter - with Marcus Mejia

In this episode of Skillwork, Michael Peatrowsky, Director of Operations, and Marcus Mejia, Recruiter, delve deep into the core values and mission that drive the company forward.

From emphasizing the importance of professional relationships and personal growth to the joy of enabling individuals to reach their fullest potential, the duo sheds light on what makes Skillwork truly unique. Michael highlights the company's inclusive approach, emphasizing that skilled workers aren't just another group but cherished coworkers. Marcus passionately speaks about the company's core values, which revolve around honoring God, respecting the trades, and measuring success by the number of people they help. Dive in to get a firsthand look at the heart and soul of Skillwork.

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Main Takeaways:
💎 2:57:90 - 3:55:73 Physical Hustle to Desk Grind: Mastering the Industry Shift
💎4:41:30 - 5:49:76 Skilled Workers in Demand: The Generational Shift!
💎 8:15:76 - 9:18:28 From Pitch to Partnership: The Journey of Trust
💎10:59:57 - 11:27:12 Skilled Workers: More Than Just Employees, They're Family!