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The State of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Manufacturing - Part 1

In this episode of The State of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Manufacturing, Brett Elliott and Tim Raglin, share their insights on the impact of smart manufacturing technology, risk mitigation, supply chain disruptions, cybersecurity, and the move towards automation.

One of the key takeaways from today’s discussion was the increasing adoption of smart manufacturing technology in the industry. Tim Raglin pointed out, "97% out of 1300 plus respondents said they have plans in place today to use smart manufacturing technology." This technology includes data analytics technology, AI, robotics, and machine learning, which have been noted as the top response for risk mitigation.

However, as the industry moves towards automation and relies more on technology, cybersecurity becomes a growing concern. Tim Raglin noted that "manufacturing is fast becoming the number one target of ransomware." This highlights the need for companies to prioritize cybersecurity and implement measures to protect against cyber threats.

Watch the full episode now to learn more about the state of the 4th industrial revolution in manufacturing and how companies can adapt to new technological advancements while mitigating risks and prioritizing employee safety and job creation.

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Main Takeaways :
04:53-5:50 - “Efficiency–The Driver Behind Adopting Smart Manufacturing”

08:53-09:46 “Jury’s Out! Smart Manufacturing Is Here to Stay”

11:41-12:36 “How Technology is Boosting Cybersecurity in Manufacturing”

13:52-14:47 “The Move Towards Automation Increases Jobs”

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