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How “Blue Collar” Money Might Save The Next Generation - with Ken Rusk

In this enlightening episode of the The Skillwork Forum, we're joined by Ken Rusk, author of the book "Blue Collar Cash". Ken shares his journey from digging ditches to becoming a successful business owner, highlighting the value of hard work and a sense of accomplishment. We delve into the importance of vocational education and the potential of blue-collar jobs to address the skilled labor shortage.

Ken also shares his insights on raising successful kids and discovering what truly matters in life. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of the skilled trades industry and the potential of blue-collar jobs to transform lives and economies.

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Main Takeaways:
03:10-04:01 “From the Ground Up–Digging Ditches to Business Owner”

10:51-11:53 “The Value of A Sense of Accomplishment”

16:29-17:27 “An Open Letter To Parents About Raising Successful Kids”

26:32-27:33 “Discover the Things That Really Matter to YOU!”

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